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Probate & Estate Administration Services in Fort Myers, FL

Losing a loved one brings profound grief. It also involves navigating complex legal processes. Fort Myers attorney Susan Larned guides Lee County area families through probate with efficiency and compassion. With extensive experience administering estates, Susan works closely with executors and beneficiaries to honor final wishes while minimizing disputes. Whether you need help validating wills, appraising assets, handling creditor claims, or facilitating transfers of property, rely on our seasoned legal team during this challenging time.

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Validating Wills and Trusts

We work to prove the legal validity of wills and trusts in probate court when contested or ambiguities arise.

Appointing Estate Executors

We petition the court to appoint an executor with the appropriate skills and temperament to administer the estate.

Identifying and Collecting Assets

We track down and compile a comprehensive inventory of the estate’s assets to establish their worth.

Managing and Distributing Assets

We help oversee the management and eventual distribution of assets to heirs according to the estate plan.

Closing Estates

We oversee the legal process for closing the estate once assets are distributed and creditors are paid.

Settling Debts and Expenses

We negotiate with creditors to settle any outstanding debts and arrange for payment from the estate.

Probate Process Overview

Understanding the intricacies of probate law is essential when managing the affairs of a loved one who has passed away. Attorney Susan Larned is here to expertly guide you through the probate process step by step. Below, we outline the key stages involved in probate law to help you navigate this challenging journey with clarity and confidence



Verifying the legality of the will or trust document.


Appointing a responsible executor for estate administration.


Identifying and assessing the deceased's assets and properties.


Managing and equitably distributing assets among beneficiaries.


Settling outstanding debts, claims, and expenses of the estate.


Completing the probate process and officially closing the estate.

Get Expert Probate Law Representation in Fort Myers, Florida

For knowledgeable guidance through the probate process, contact our Fort Myers firm today. Our attorneys are here to help you honor your loved one's final wishes smoothly and efficiently.

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