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Starting a business in Fort Myers, FL? One key decision is choosing a business structure like an LLC or corporation. Here’s what small business owners need to know.

First, determine if an LLC or corporation best fits your business needs. LLCs involve less paperwork and regulations, while corporations have stricter requirements but more protection.

Next, choose a unique business name not already taken by another company. Check the Florida business entity database for availability.

To form an LLC in Florida, file articles of organization, draft an operating agreement, obtain an EIN, and meet annual state filing requirements. Many find getting help from a business law attorney in Fort Myers worthwhile.

Forming a Florida corporation involves filing articles of incorporation, bylaws, holding organizational meetings, issuing stock, and appointing directors. Here too, legal help can guide you through the steps.

Both LLCs and corporations require obtaining business licenses and permits in Fort Myers and Lee County. Depending on your industry, specialized licenses may be needed as well.

Lastly, take care of trademark and tax registrations. Register your business name and logo as trademarks to protect your brand. Also register for taxes with the IRS, and Florida’s tax department.

Starting a business brings many legal and administrative tasks. The right business attorney in Fort Myers can handle the intricacies, allowing you to focus on growing your company.