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Real estate disputes can happen to homeowners and property owners in Lee County at any time. When issues arise over contracts, titles, boundaries, construction, easements, and more, real estate litigation provides a legal resolution. But what exactly does real estate litigation involve in our southwest Florida region?

Real estate litigation refers to legal disputes related to real property interests. At our Fort Myers firm, attorney Susan Larned represents Lee County clients in a wide range of real estate conflicts including:

  • Breach of contract – We handle cases when sellers or buyers breach the terms of a purchase agreement.
  • Title defects – We clear improperly recorded liens or ownership claims on your title.
  • Boundary disputes – We resolve encroachment issues with neighboring properties.
  • Easements – We fight improper easement claims infringing on your rights.
  • Evictions – We act for landlords seeking to remove non-paying tenants.
  • HOA disputes – We assist homeowners against excessive HOA fees or overreach.
  • Construction conflicts – We pursue builders over contract breaches, permitting issues, or defective work.

With deep knowledge of Florida real estate law, Susan develops case strategies focused on our clients’ best interests. She handles litigation strategically to protect your rights.

Contact our office if you are facing a real estate dispute in Lee County, FL. Let our experienced litigation services protect your property rights.